UK: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has terminated its air conditioning distribution deal with AMP following AMP’s recent takeover by rival Japanese manufacturer Panasonic.

Notification of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ decision follows earlier defections by AMP’s other air conditioning suppliers Toshiba and Fujitsu. The Cooling Post believes that AMP were informed of the decision within the last 24 hours but no statement has yet been made by any of the parties involved.

This latest move, if confirmed, means that AMP has lost all three of its original suppliers since being purchased by Panasonic on September 1. Toshiba terminated its distribution deal with AMP within days of the acquisition, quickly followed by Fujitsu.

Both Toshiba and Fujitsu have an extensive network of alternative distributors but Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was thought to be less well-placed with HRP, now part of the Beijer Ref network, as its only other distributor.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been with AMP since 2008.