Toshiba Air Conditioning has announced it is to introduce a warranty scheme based on installer skills and competence. Green Climate Services Ltd are working hard towards gaining full 7 year warranties for our customers.

Under the new scheme, to achieve the highest level of cover – a seven year enhanced warrantwarrantyy, installers must be F-Gas registered, have successfully completed three relevant Toshiba training courses, and file commissioning and maintenance reports for a project on-line.

The next level down, standard seven year cover, requires installers to be F-Gas registered and have completed three relevant Toshiba training courses.

F-Gas registered contractors who have not undertaken three Toshiba training courses will receive standard five years warranty.

The three warranty bands relate to three tiers of Toshiba installer: T7 Enhanced Warranty Partners, T7 Approved Warranty Partners, and T5 Registered Installers. Each is able to offer customers the relevant level of warranty cover for equipment installed by them. Green Climate Services Ltd currently have T5 status which enables us to offer our customers a 5 year warranty on all installations.