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April 2018

MEPs back new energy efficiency rules

EUROPE: The European Parliament has given its final approval to the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive which aims for a low and zero-emission building stock by 2050. The proposed chang [...]

Adopt R32 or face R410A chaos

UK: Leading UK refrigerant distributor Climalife has urged air conditioning customers to move rapidly to R32 to avoid major price increases and supply problems with R410A. In a special customer prese [...]

Toshiba goes all the way with R32

Toshiba Air Conditioning UK has announced that it is moving all of its R410A products to R32 with the exception of VRF. With immediate effect any product that has not yet been shipped will be R32, wi [...]

November 2016

F-GAS Regulations – What You Need To Know

F-GAS Regulations For Owners & Operators Within the Air Conditioning industry there is growing concern about the amount of awareness for consumer’s around their responsibilities in regards to F-G [...]

R22 Legislation For Air Conditioning Systems

What is the R22 Legislation? The EC Ozone Regulation (No. 1005/2009) was introduced to phase out HCFCs, including R22 gas, used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Since 1st January 2015, i [...]

October 2016

Toshiba Air Conditioning Warranties

Toshiba Air Conditioning has announced it is to introduce a warranty scheme based on installer skills and competence. Green Climate Services Ltd are working hard towards gaining full 7 year warranties [...]

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