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Domestic Installation Barnet 2018-02-14T17:09:13+00:00

Project Description

Domestic Air Conditioning Installation Barnet

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Green Climate Services Ltd supplied and installed 6 x Fujitsu modern efficient heat pump split systems into a Domestic property in Barnet, offering both heating and cooling to the client. We installed the following size units, 1 x 8 kw into the lounge, 1 x 2.6 kw into the study, 1 x 3.4 kw into the master bedroom, 1 x 2.6 kw into bedroom 2, 1 x 3.4 kw into bedroom 3 and another 2.6 kw into bedroom 4. Green Climate Services Ltd supplied all the equipment and materials and carried out the electrical works for the project, which consisted of 6 mains supplies being installed and certified.  The project took 1 week to complete and the client was very pleased with the final product. The client has taken out a planned preventative maintenance plan with us to ensure all of the systems remain in prime condition and no faults arise, we will carry out the first routine service next April.