Types of Units

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Wall Mounted

Stylish design and non obtrusive, wall-mounted units are ideal for small-medium sized offices, server rooms, conservatories and the home. A/A rated energy efficiency across the range. Easy to install and maintain and most competitively priced out of all the A/C systems, includes infra-red remote controller.


Designed to sit flush into a suspended ceiling to free up floor and wall space. These systems are ideal for large offices, open plan areas and commercial premises. Reduced casing height now allows greater flexibility when installing into shallow void spaces. Fresh air ventilation can also be applied directly into the units louvres. Features a hard wired LCD controller with advanced weekly schedule timer functions.

Compact Cassette

Designed to fit flush into a 600 x 600 suspended ceiling grid, these compact cassettes offer practical cooling and heating solutions for small offices. Conditioned air is distributed evenly in four directions via the adjustable louvers. Compact design, ultra quiet and easy installation.

Floor / Ceiling

This unit comes with two installation options, can either be installed at floor level or at ceiling level without modification. Extremely quiet and energy efficient making these ideal for residential especially conservatories which have a low level perimeter walls and limited wall space. Excellent energy efficiency ratings and low noise operation. This is an alternative heating and cooling solution to the wall mounted type but comes at a slightly high price.


Ideal for large office areas of unusual layout as these ducted units create uniform temperatures throughout leaving no cool or hot spots. The unit is totally concealed, usually within a ceiling void. Conditioned air is carried through ducting into a room through grille diffusers positioned in the walls, floor or ceiling. Concealed installation & ultra quiet. Features a wired LCD controller with advanced weekly schedule timer functions.

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